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Hourly Pass
300 Rs
3 Hrs
Separate one work desk will be provided
Day Pass
600 Rs
8 Hrs
Separate one work desk will be provided
Meeting Room Pass
300 Rs
One Hr
Maximum 6 people Capacity
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A Co-working space in Mohali, Punjab, near Chandigarh. Best for startups, freelancers and small business owners looking for a professional office space in the price half that of a small office. A platform for World Class startup events and meetup for freelancers with mentors, angel investors and a lot more from the industry. Located in the centre of IT hub tricity of North. So get your startup or business incubated in the best coworking space of Chandigarh region. We at Starthub Nation make sure startups and freelancers get the best ecosystem for their ideas. Plus, our best in the region mentor tie-ups are loved by the startup community. Work | Incubate | Conquer


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