Co-working has become a universal phenomenon in past few years. The co-working market has a whopping share in business world that has reached to 7,000 operators running these spaces all around the globe. Surely, the concept of a membership-based workspace where freelancers, remote workers, and startup professionals from varied backgrounds work together has become a […]

Gone are the times when the only imagination that existed for an office space used to be that of a single suite in a building opening to a reception area. Thanks to the innovations that startups have come up with, you are actually going to find a wide variety of office space types to fit […]

For an entrepreneur, the journey to success can be quite lonely, especially when you are the only one handling everything. The process of entrepreneurship is difficult to understand and poses complex obstacles, which is why working in a bedroom office all day by yourself can be pretty discouraging. The best way to avoid this is […]

A normal routine for most of the aspiring entrepreneurs involves rushing to the nearest coffee shop and scramble to find the best spot to start the day. The process continues with them trying to find the much-needed peace and motivation, which most of the times is interrupted by the continuous chirping and noise made by […]