Co-working has become a universal phenomenon in past few years. The co-working market has a whopping share in business world that has reached to 7,000 operators running these spaces all around the globe. Surely, the concept of a membership-based workspace where freelancers, remote workers, and startup professionals from varied backgrounds work together has become a sleeper hit. Lets discuss more about the future & insight of coworking spaces.

Despite the varied innovative types of office spaces making way to the business world, co-working has managed to sway its charm all over. Considered as one of the fastest growing workspace model for startups, it is expected to reach the milestone of 10000 spaces in 2016.

As per Deskmag report, “The demand for ‘Co-working’ has climbed in the last twelve months, especially in Canada, Italy, France, Thailand, Australia, and India. A stable upward trajectory can likewise be seen in the US, Brazil, and Spain, along with fluctuations in Mexico and Japan, according to a survey by the website.”
Here are some quick facts from the Deskmag survey that would help in identifying the key growth parameters.


•Deskmag came out with stats that identified 7,800 co-working spaces worldwide as of October 2015. These numbers earlier corresponded to 3,400 in 2013 and 75 in 2007.

•Out of all the operators running such spaces, 62 per cent of the owners reported willingness to expand their spaces. These numbers earlier corresponded to 59 per cent in a 2014 survey results.

•The fondness for co-working space is evident from the fact that never before, this many people searched for ‘Co-working’ on search engines like Google.

Co-working spaces offer the workers to benefit from the expertise and experience that they get to share with professionals from varied niches. Other than offering a strong business network, it offers flexible terms for renters to move in and out. In addition, these spaces apply lowest membership costs, which is why startups as well as entrepreneurs consider it as their first choice for professional work environment.

With this trend reaching its highest point this year, there is certainly something very special about it. Considering that more operators are entering the scenario with creative models and offerings, it would be right to say that 2016 is the year for evolution of co-working.

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