Gone are the times when the only imagination that existed for an office space used to be that of a single suite in a building opening to a reception area. Thanks to the innovations that startups have come up with, you are actually going to find a wide variety of office space types to fit companies at varied stages of growth. Let us examine them to come up with an office space that is suitable for your business and delivers value- for- money.

Tech/Creative Space

Trending since past 2-3 years, such spaces focusmore upon open space and minimal individual rooms.With maximum area reserved for work stations, such spaces possess a single room for holding conferences and meetings. Suchan open work environment encourages and promotesteamwork. The main attributes of creative space are wooden or concrete flooring, elevated ceilings and light fixtures.The common industries using such spaces are digital agencies, marketing platforms and creative firms.

Rental Offices

For those who wish to have their own physical office, the first choice is renting a large space.The rental offices allow businesses to work, operate and manufacture products individually.The rent is decided while considering the location and size of the space rented. Such offices can be expensive considering there is no else to share the amenities and overhead charges with.

Co Working Space

Co-working space is a unique arrangement where diverse group of freelancers, workers and startups from varied backgrounds share the workspace. These spaces are accessible 24/7 and offer variety of workspaces that includes private desks and shared tables. Co-working Space is the new age workspace that offers flexibility, creativity and shared amenities such as reception area, conference rooms and time out zones.

Crafted to meet the requirements of startups, these spaces offer social prospects that no other office space can offer. You get to meet new people and learn about their experience and expertise. As per The Harvard Business Review, people who work in a co-working space succeed at a higher rate than those working in regular offices. These are affordable as do not have to buy office furniture or pay for amenities such as Wi-Fi internet, printers and coffee dispenser. While payinga fraction of the cost, you can avail benefits that no other office space Mohali could offer.

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